Felix Ferne
Age 15-16
Gender Male
Fate Alive
Portrayed by Dougie Baldwin

Felix Ferne is one of the main characters in Nowhere Boys. He is a goth, and uses his magic to transport the group to the parallel world.


He lives with his mum, his dad, and his wheelchair-bound brother, Oscar. He enjoys playing electric guitar, has a girlfriend named Ellen and, as revealed later, uses magic.

Field TripEdit

After getting Ellen to distract Mr. Bates so he could group with people he knew to have potential for magic, Felix changed his group for the trip to the forest, telling Ellen he was putting her with him. In the forest, they got lost and, had to spend the night. Felix played the spell he had recorded on his phone earlier. The next day, strange events happened, and by the time they got back home, their lives were very different.

Personality Edit

Felix is quite cynical and sarcastic. He feels ashamed of his part in Oscar becoming disabled.